Why do my videos from my IPhone play upside down on my friends computer?

So when you record a video with your iPhone it does some special magic. For example if you hold the phone upside down and record the video the video will be of course be saved upside down, but it will also store the orientation of the phone when the video was made. Then when the user plays it back on an Apple device, it rotates the video because it assumes the user does not really want to see the video upside down.  This would be all fine and dandy, except now if the user emails the video to a PC user when the PC user opens it the video will be played upside down.

What would I prefer? I would prefer that Apple rotates the video, and then store an attribute some where in the video file that the video was rotated from the original.

Why is this a pain for us?  Well, we have users uploading videos to a web site, and now we are going to have to rotate the videos (either by ffmpeg or HTML5).   So far my attempts have resulted in either very lousy video quality, or a huge file. The HTML5 solution would be create except this wants to rotate the controls. So I would have to separate the controls from the video, and video playback fall back for browsers that are not HTML5 compatible would probably still be upside down.


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